1. Radio Show September 3 2009 Details

    My first Ultrasecret Radio interview went great! I had the pleasure of getting Anthony Vincent of Xrin Arms to co-host my show today. We played alot of music that influenced him, and some of his newer material. I got to ask him alot of interesting questions. I finally found a way to record my show so you can listen to it if you missed. there were some difficulties recording it and some of it repeats itself but it’s better than nothing right guys?

    Intro Music:

    Main Screen Turn On - PEET


    Agitation Ornament - Xrin Arms

    I’ll Hate Myself Tomorrow - O.V. Wright

    Yellow Egypt - Xrin Arms

    Stroking Feathers - Xrin Arms

    When I Die - Motherlode

    You can support Xrin Arms by buying some merchandise or his CDs www.myspace.com/xrinarmsmotherfucker

    (played 12 times)
  2. Radio Show August 20 2009 Details

    I had a special show that consisted entirely of bands I have seen or would like to see live. The show went off without any technical difficulties and I had some friends who aren’t regular Ultrasecret Radio listeners join in on the fun.

    Intro Music:
    Intro - Loren Battle

    Background Music:
    As We Collapse - Loren Battle

    River Child (Kappa) - Ron Korb


    Laser Life - Blood Brothers

    The Sound Of Settling - Death Cab For Cutie

    Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle - Dethklok

    Regret & The Grave - Cattle Decapitation Insurance? - The Higher

    I Think We Are Both Suffering From the Same Metaphysical Crisis - HORSE The Band

    Imogenis Puzzle Pt. 2 - Psyopus

    Electric Feel - MGMT

    Floor No. 99 - YMCK


    Wenches & Mead - Alestorm

    Open Water - Thrice

    Matthew McConaughey - Starscream

    Musical Curiosities: www.cattledecapitation.com

    Tales From The Rising Sun words:

    Raito - Lights

    Enerugi - Energy

    Odori - Dancing

    I mentioned a Japanese Chiptune Band called YMCK during my Tales From The Rising Sun segment. Here is a video of them preforming live.

    I had a great time and would like to thank everyone who supports my show! I would also like to thank Ivy and Mykul for tuning in to Ultrasecret Radio for the first time.
    - Ed

  3. Radio Show August 13 2009 Details

    Well my official debut got off to a rocky start with some technical difficulties, but none the less went great. I got to play most of my playlist, but decided not to take requests, since my normally hour long show was eaten up by a half hour of technical difficulties. If you liked anything you heard my playlist is as follows:

    Intro Music:
    Main Screen Turn On - PEET

    Background Music:
    Neurosis I - PEET
    River Child (Kappa) - Ron Korb

    Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    The Reeling - Passion Pit
    Submarine - Björk
    Deer In The Headlights - Loren Battle
    The Sailing Song - PEET
    Godspeed - Anberlin
    Beat It - Michael Jackson

    Musical Curiosities: www.myspace.com/peetnoise

    Tales From The Rising Sun words:

    Kingyo - Goldfish

    Umi - Ocean

    Majikku - Magic

    My friend’s band, Loren Battle, is going on a tour of the West Coast with Head, a former member of Korn, if you like Rock or Metal and they are in your area, I’d encourage you to see them play. If you mention you are friends with me, you’ll probably get the opportunity to hang out with them.

    Loren Battle West Coast Tour Dates

    Also mentioned was a charity event I attended in the form of a kickball game pitting local Arizona radio DJs Johnjay and Rich against the Jonas Brothers. Several other celebrities participated in this event. Admission was free and it was a fun event.

    Here are some links to more info and pictures about the event.

    News Story


    In my “Tales From The Rising Sun” segment I mentioned Ponyo,  a new film by Hayao Miazaki that is being released in the United States through Disney. The movie is about a young and magical fish girl, who stumbles into the care of a young boy while trying to escape from her oppressive father. I had the pleasure of watching the original version of the movie in Japanese with English subtitles and would highly reccomend watching the movie in theaters when it comes out tommorrow (August 14th 2009).

    Here is a trailer for Ponyo.

    Finally, my next show will consist entirely of music by bands I have seen live, and I would encourage requests to be from bands my listeners have either seen or like to see live. That is all the information I have for you guys today! Have a good day and thanks for listening!
    - Ed

  4. Welcome to DJ Soma Cruz’s Tumblr.

    I will post information about my radio show on Ultrasecret Radio here.

    This information will include:

    • Titles and Artists of songs I play on my show, (Including Requests) for reference.
    • Words and their translations featured in “Tales From The Rising Sun” segment.
    • Links to more information on things mentioned on my show. ie. News stories, Upcoming tours, Cool YouTube videos, etc.
    • Anything else I think will help my listeners get the most out of my program.

    That’s about it!


    - Ed

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